Vixenshelby Nude Perfume by Sarah Jessica Parker

In the mid seventies, Camsoda made a sensational nude line inspired by the lives of vixens. The most striking feature of these Camsoda perfumes was that each woman in the collection was portrayed as a nymph. This was very controversial at the time. It seemed to suggest that women were sexual creatures and thus sexually provocative.

The company has always remained true to its original roots, and today, the brand caters to modern women who are liberated and comfortable with their sexuality. Women like to be sensuous and attractive. They want to exude sex appeal. Vixenshelby Nudes is an excellent fragrance that will attract women who prefer to smell good but also feel sexy.

Unlike many perfumes out there, the ladies of Vixenshelby Nudes aren’t coy or shy about letting the world know how they really feel. The blend of vanilla and musk makes this a great fragrance for both men and women. This may be the only perfume brand that offers such a versatile scent for both sexes.

There is a wide range of fragrances to choose from. There is a formula to suit all occasions, whether you’re going out for a night out on the town, or some quiet night alone. The different smells cater to different personalities. There is always something to suit everyone. Even the die-hard fashionistas will admit that once in a while they need to inject some spice into their lives and Vixenshelby Nudes is the perfect choice for just such a purpose.

These are ladies fragrances which are not just for ladies. There is no reason why anyone who isn’t a lady couldn’t wear these lovely nudes. Even those men who have never had any exposure to fragrances would find these irresistible. With a bottle of this nice Cologne you can give other people a peak at your feminine side. You’ll be able to make any man that you come into contact with instantly jealous.

If you have always wanted to smell like a lady, or if you have only recently fallen head over heels in love with a man, then you might just want to add a little Vixenshelby Nude perfume to your collection. This is a fragrance that will draw the attention of even the most discriminating of men. If you have a bottle of this in your cabinet then you can be sure that you’ll always have your eye on him when you have to meet him somewhere. It’s as simple as that!