Stephen P. Leggings – Gotta Have Them Any Day of the Week!

When Stephen secretly cradled Xhamster, he could not help but admire the webcam he possessed. This little gadget was making his life better everyday. As he thumbed through it, he carefully craned his neck up to peer over to where Xhamsterlive was cranking the screen at full tilt. He knew that the more he allowed her to take control, the more he’d increase her pleasure. Now, she could ride inside of his car and he’d drive right by where he’d seen a girl buy pot from a guy on a street corner before in a back parking space.

But, the real Xhamster hiddencam product is Xhamster’s ability to supply any and all customers with incredible hidden camera experiences. The video footage taken by this camcorder is nothing less than mind-blowing. One day, stephymoon_ and Xhamster_ were going out for dinner when she noticed that something about the both of them was a little off. It wasn’t until she told him about her recent vacation to Thailand did he realize what she was referring to.

During her stay there, Stephen had purchased some really sexy and erotic stephymoon_ leggings. They were the type of leggings he typically would never wear, but he was so surprised that she would actually like them that he decided to give them to her. The look on her face when she saw them was priceless. In addition to her beautiful appearance, stephymoon_ leggings were also very comfortable and easy to put on. It didn’t take much time for Stephen to get dressed and head out to dinner; in fact, he was so confident that he even skipped the chance to pick up his meal.

When they arrived home, Stephen immediately took off his shoes and socks and laid them on the coffee table. He then retrieved one of those lovely little panties from his suitcase and placed it on the coffee table as well. When he showed her the panties, stephymoon_ leggings and all, her eyes were as wide as her mouth. She couldn’t believe that he knew about her purchase of these sexy panties, especially considering that he was such a private person.

Shortly thereafter, stepsons and Stephen made plans to meet up in the evening. As luck would have it, their meeting occurred during Stephen’s lunch break, which happened to be rather windy. Luckily, neither of them showed too much interest in wearing their panties to the dinner, but it didn’t matter because by the time they got back home, Stephen already had in his underwear.

After taking Stephen home, Leggings and all, she noticed that her panties were wrinkled, which is what she had noticed first when she noticed the item in the man’s briefcase. Fortunately, Stephen had washed his briefs and shirt before he came home, so she didn’t really have to wonder how old they looked! After finishing her meal, while she and Stephen were browsing the internet on her laptop, she noticed that he had gone out again without any luck. Concerned, she asked him what happened.