A Book Review of Mercedes Adams Desnuda’s Art by Celia

Her name is Mercedes Adames and she works as a cashier at the Culinary Institute of America in New York City. One day, Mercedes gets a call from her boyfriend. He tells her that she has a big order for chocolate truffles and asks her to pick it up at midnight. Mercedes heads off to her usual place, but she is too excited to wait the two hours to deliver the order to her boyfriend. She gets nervous when she sees her supervisor.

selena loves working with people, especially the women. She knows she has to make the right decisions in order to keep her job and feel good about herself at the same time. She also knew that her boss, David Desnuda, likes beautiful women. So when he asks her to give him a raise, she is not sure how to respond. She doesn’t want to rock the boat.

The next day, Mercedes gets off the phone and goes into her new office. She is greeted by two other receptionists, an attractive Latina woman named Celia and an attractive Hispanic man named Mario. They both seem to know her well. She introduces herself, and they both ask her what she knows about being a cashier. Mercedes honestly tells them she just knows she loves helping people out, which prompts them to tell her about being an artist.

Mercedes starts telling her story about her times in art school and her failed attempts at becoming an artist. She talks about how she always felt like she was just not good enough. She couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t getting any jobs. She wanted to pursue her dream of becoming a professional artist, but all the places that had open wanted her to do something else. Finally, Mercedes had an idea. She asked her boss for a promotion and let him know that she would like to pursue this with him.

David told Mercedes that he understood why she would want to do it, but that he didn’t have any artists in mind for her to choose from. The two decided to go out for coffee and see if anything came up. It did, which was great news for Mercedes. She tells them she wants to help people because she really does like helping people.

Art by Mercedes Adams Desnuda is a great book to read. She gives an inside look into what it’s like to be an artist and what goes into making a successful art piece. It’s a good book to read if you’ve never considered being an artist or even if you have. I highly recommend this book and she really should be a winner of many awards. I say this because she shows so much passion for her work and it shows through on the pages of her book.