A Fast and Simple Way to Add Video Messages to Your iPhone

If you have never tried out SMS text messaging, then you probably know very little about it. However, if you have always used standard email and instant messaging, then you are already quite the expert on the subject. SMS is an evolution of email and instant messaging that is taking over the world by storm. If you want to know more about what SMS can do for you, or if you are interested in how it works, then read on.

Samispank is a messaging app that is relatively new but has quickly become extremely popular. It is like a hybrid of Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. It is free to download and use on your phone and comes with other applications, such as an online radio station and a video blog. You can also download games and wallpapers to go along with your text messages.

The idea is that you get a special code that you enter on your phone, which sends a link to whatever you are chatting on. Each time the link is clicked, it creates a new text message. For instance, if you were chatting with your friend’s kid, then you might want to send them a funny video clip from a site like YouTube. In this case, you might add a URL for the video to their phone. Your friend would then be able to click on the link and have a surprise waiting for them on their phone.

Once you have your application loaded up, all you have to do is send a text message. This is pretty much the same process as typing out an SMS. You simply pick out the text you want to send and wait for it to show up on their phone. Depending on Samispank’s technology, it could show up on their phone within a few seconds or it could take a bit longer. Either way, it is a great way to share your own thoughts.

Some phones will allow you to see a preview of the message before it actually shows up on the recipient’s phone, but others will not. This can make a huge difference in how quickly the message arrives. As soon as it does arrive though, you will have a unique text conversation that only you and the recipient will have seen. It is a way in which to let your friends know what you are doing and what is going on in your life.

Since the application was designed for cell phones, it should be fairly easy to send messages from your computer to a mobile phone. Even if the computer doesn’t support the technology, most samispank users have access to their cell phones so this should not be a problem. Even if you are worried that your friend’s phone will not accept text messages, chances are they will let you know they do and you can simply load up your text message application and send the perfect video message!