My Sweet Prince – Corin Corriveau

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In this Chaturbate review, we introduce to our subject, the amazing princesscorine, a stunning eighteen-year-old redhead. (The perfect face for a perfect mouth). We love her confidence as she poses in her latest shoot for wtf text, one of the latest adult photo contests on line to date, featuring this stunning body. This is one shot that will truly kick off the fun in a room filled with wTF text fanatics.

So, what is this beautiful young lady’s latest shoot for with text blowjob television? This latest photo shoot for the perfect face is entitled, “My Sweet Prince.” And it features the adorable little redhead, reclining seductively on a couch while wearing nothing but a shirt and some shorts. The photo shoot was taken by none other than…you guessed it, WTF text guru, Mr. Mike “The Internet Mark” of Big Mike. And you thought the Cleveland Steamer Gay Erotic Bingo was the only online game that had cuddle gay eagles! (PS: Don’t worry if you don’t know the first thing about using Google to find Cleveland Steamer gay eagles, we’ll cover that in a second).

The “My Sweet Prince” photo shoot was shot for a contest hosted by the lovely princess, Corin. It was one of her very favorite things to do, and she is certainly proud of herself for winning the contest. The competition was so stiff, that even though Corin was a female judge – she was unable to find the perfect picture for the judges, despite the fact that she has tried many times.

Corin is actually a big fan of all things cuddly, so I guess it makes sense that this shoot would be perfect for her. If you are a furry, egotistical woman who loves animals, then you definitely want to check out Corin’s site for more of her fabulous creations – she is definitely a trendsetter, and you should definitely follow her lead. Besides, I am sure you will be squealing like a kitty after you see some of her work!