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Kendrabenz is a small little town in Transylvania county, Eastern Romania. The place is very small and has a population of less than ten thousand people. I have been there for a couple of weekends, and I can say that the atmosphere is really nice. For my money, it’s one of the best Transylvania places I have ever been. I had planned to go back to Romania several times before but Livejasmin and its amazing beach, kept me wanting to come back again.

My last visit was about three years ago, while I was in Transylvania on business. I was amazed by the views and how nice and serene the whole thing is. Well, it wasn’t just the views that attracted me, there were also the landscapes and the peacefulness. That’s what made my last visit so special, because while I was there I wanted to take some time to take a private kendrabenz webcam show from the point of view of a cliff with breathtaking views of the sea and mountains beyond.

I took my backpack and camera with me because I wanted to make the most of my time there. Actually, it was just two months ago that I visited and I already managed to take five videos. I would say that they’re pretty good. When I told Joana and Liana how I was doing, they asked if I want to share them with you, since they’re such good. It was great being able to witness first hand the beautiful views of Transylvania’s mountains and beaches.

The first thing that impressed me about Kendrabenz, its views. I didn’t expect them to be as great as they are. It’s actually quite funny how these sorts of things are made possible. If you look at a normal road trip you’ll probably find that you’ll see less than one landscape in a single day. When I was there I managed to see three mountain ranges all in the space of two hours!

Something else that impressed me was the fact that I could go from Transylvania to Benissa in just a few hours. You’d never think it’s possible, especially when you consider that in the previous four months I did the exact same thing. I literally spent 4 months traveling between the two countries. Now I can spend an hour or so every morning on a nice little road in the countryside and have the awesome views of the area spread out before me. There’s nothing more romantic than waking up in a picturesque area, drinking your morning cup of coffee, and watching the sun rise or set over the mountains.

In total, I managed to cover Transylvania’s heights: the Danube plain, the Pohorje mountains, the foothills of the Alps, and last but not least the spectacular views of Benissa. I’ve seen pictures of some of the scenery so don’t worry, it’s not all clouds and snow. The weather in the area is usually mild, although there’s one season in the Mediterranean where it’s a real cold Christmas! One of my favorite parts was when we drove up to Churravia and looped around to the right, going past the amazing castle perched on a cliff. It’s quite a hike but well worth it for the views and scenery.