Ass Latina Katt Leya Videos

Katt Leya is an American professional adult webcam model, performer and singer. She is known for her innocent yet curvy good looks, her down-to-earth personality, as well as her highly popular music. Born and raised in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York, Katt became known as a member of the hardcore underground hip-hop community. Today, she is making waves in the adult entertainment industry by creating her own record label, Camsoda Recordings, and doing stand up comedy.

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You probably saw Katt Leya’s self-produced instructional video for her self-titled show, “Katt Out.” In this video, she shows us how to perform oral sex on someone in HD. The quality of the video is commendable; however, it is too short to showcase all the techniques that make her famous. The video is also accompanied by some of her best music selections, which are great because it gives you a taste of what you’ll be listening to on the air.

Katt uses a lot of verbal flourishes and hand gestures in order to please her man. Although her vocabulary may not be the greatest, at least you’ll know she’s getting what she wants through her hands and mouth. In this video, you also get to see her doing blow job demonstrations on the guys, and you get to see her perform some butt shots while doing so. This ass Latina rate video is definitely worth your time if you are looking for the best way to please your man during night after night.

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