Funeral Photos of Joselyn Castro – No One Likes to Grieve

Joselyn Coco, the star of the reality show “The Only Latino Show,” is mourning the loss of her popular character on the show. She is posting messages on her personal Twitter page in Spanish, English, Creole and even in Korean. The sad part is that she has not been able to post any messages regarding the accident directly to her millions of followers. This is because of the privacy rules that Only streamed her accident to all her followers, so they cannot pass on the message to unauthorized persons.

The sad part of it all is that since it is one of the few celebrities who have been able to make it big in the Internet modeling industry, Joselyn has left herself wide open to a lot of temptations especially those from the online black market. As of this writing, her official Facebook page has more than one million likes. Not to mention, her fan club on the Only Latino site continues to grow with new members joining every day. Since the latest news about Joselyn Cano’s butt augmentation gone terribly wrong made its way into the Internet, the Twitterati is busy expressing their sadness and grief over the tragic loss of the Only Latino figure. Some even resorted to threats to boycott the network until the incident was addressed.

The sad truth is that aside from the outpouring of support from Onlyfans for their beloved star, Joselyn has not yet managed to post any messages on her MySpace or Instagram accounts since the accident. Most of her fans are now posting tributes to her on those sites. One fan wrote on her page, “You were beautiful before but you are beautiful now. Nothing can replace what you mean to me or my family. I will miss you forever, love you always.” Another wrote simply, “condolences”.

So sad to see such a bright and talented actress being reduced to an icon of Mexican ethnicity due to an unfortunate accident in which she suffered while on the set of a major movie. It seems to me that there is an underlying plot of some sort involving her physical appearance in this latest incident. Is that why she has not been able to communicate via her social media accounts? If it is some sort of scam to get her off the site, it’s disgusting to know.

Whatever the case may be, I am very pleased to welcome the newest member of my Only Latino family, Joselyn. She will be an incredible voice and an amazing influencer on Only Latino and on social media as well. Her death does not change the fact that she is a remarkable woman, and I am forever grateful for her contribution to our community and to Only Latino. She will be missed but never forgotten.

My sincere gratitude to Joselyn for everything she contributed to my family. She was a great mom, a beautiful aunt, and a loyal friend. She will be missed not only by her family but by all of us. May she rest in peace and have the courage to continue to make positive impacts on our lives. There are many people you will benefit from learning about and watching, so please enroll below.