The Legendary Cook, Griffin Barrows

The famous Griffin Barrows has been around since the eighteenth century. If you are looking for a unique history lesson, it’s a good place to start. If you’re thinking that only celebrities and crusty old men have worked in kitchens, think again. The famous chef and cookbook author, Michael Redd, spent years researching and writing about the history of Griffin barrows, and he’s brought back fascinating accounts of his time working in kitchens. He tells the fascinating story of how he made his own way from St. Louis to Memphis, then down the Mississippi to New Orleans, then back up the river to California, and finally to Boston.

Of course, not everyone who lives in the southern United States knows about the glory of the griffon. Many Americans simply don’t have a sense of history or culture, and they don’t care. In their eyes any American kitchen is just as good as any other. They fail to see that there is an entire history of ingenuity and innovation behind everything that is done in this country. A good place to start is in a restaurant like the ones Redd frequented, restaurants that serve southern food. It is where he met his lifelong friend, Alice Baldwin, whom he describes as the culinary sweetheart of his life.

In many ways it is the relationship that Redd discovered with Baldwin that is the most illuminating part of his remarkable career. The two worked at The Cheesecake Factory for many years, and although there were many difficulties, their bond was unbreakable. Much of their time together was spent in the kitchen at this legendary establishment.

At the Cheesecake Factory, Redd cooked and served many of America’s most beloved dishes, but his greatest achievement may be his time spent cooking and working in the kitchens of Boston and New England. There he created and popularized many recipes that have become classics around the world. Along the way he learned about the value of quality ingredients and how to treat them. Many of these recipes were passed down from generation to generation in both the United States and Europe.

Stories about Redd come from all over the world. They include stories of his kindness, his inventiveness, his devotion to his family and friends and the impact that his cookery had on his loved ones. He is greatly respected for the vast number of books that he has written, many of which are collections of his short stories. Many of his “Recipes for Something Like Pastry” have become classic recipes that delight the palates of his fans.

No matter how small the audience, one should not doubt the impact that the cookery master of Redd has made on American cuisine. Whether it was learning how to prepare the best pie crust or sharing some of his more popular recipes, Redd was a factor in the development of American cookery. Those who love good food should learn more about this remarkable cook.