An Indoor Parrot For Your Family

The gabyferrer is a small quadrot, approximately two feet in length, which is said to be native to Mexico. The name gabyferrer comes from the word gaby which means “little black bird”. According to some sources, these birds were introduced to North America by the Spanish after the war. From its first appearance on television a few years ago, Gabyferrers have taken the world by storm.

The best thing about the gabyferrer is its beauty. It has beautiful black plumage, which can range from a dark brown to a beautiful honey color. Its face is usually white but can be changed if the owner so desires. These paragliding beauties are wonderful additions to any collection. If you love watching birds and want to get up close and personal with them, then the gabies are the perfect parrot for you. Babies will give you hours of enjoyment and you will also have the pleasure of watching the antics of these little birds.

They are also good for beginning bird watchers because they are very gentle and so simple to care for. They eat seeds and are quite active, but unlike most parrots they don’t like having their beaks chewed on and so it’s best to remove them from your finger before you feed them. If you would like to get a closer look at these charming birds, you can purchase a small cage for $25 or so, which will give you a great close up look at these sweet little birds.

If you want to get a starter kit, then you should know that they are quite pricey. Usually, the gabies starter kits will include a parrot cage, food and water dishes, a plastic food dish, a perch, and some seeds. The food dish must be replaced frequently as it will spoil. The cage should be cleaned on a regular basis, because if it gets dirty, it is not healthy for your bird.

Gabyferrers love to entertain. They usually will sleep together in a big group. When you bring them home, make sure you set up an entertainment center where they can sleep. If you buy a huge TV, they might spend a lot of time watching, but if you get them a small TV with multiple channels they will be quite content. There are many books you can read to teach them tricks and games, and if you have a bird trainer it will be even more fun for them.

To learn how to care for these birds, and have a happy and healthy parrot for a lifetime, it is best to get started early. Buy your gabyferrer a starter cage. Get him a food dish, and a water dish. You can even get one with a perch so they can get a good perch if they choose to sleep on the floor. Your gabyferrer will be so happy you made this easy transition into owning birds that you can’t help but think about getting more than one.