Symptoms of Fistula – What Does a Fistula in the Anal Canal Mean?

Fistula anal is a disorder, which is more common than we know it. It is a condition of the intestine that causes blood to leak from the anus into the urethra. When there is a blockage of the intestine, this blockage may result in a hernia or in some cases an intestinal perforation, causing a herniated hemorrhoid. The main symptom of fistula anal is pain in the anal area.

It can be caused by a variety of reasons like surgery, bowel or intestinal obstruction and many more. A lot of people don’t realise that they are suffering from fistula until it becomes obvious that their anal area is covered with blood. However, the symptoms are also quite similar to those of a bowel obstruction or infection. They include anal itching, bleeding during or after defecation and pain during the passing of stool or when moving the bowels. Fists and fingers may become swollen or bruised.

Fistulas can be found either in the anal canal and rectum. Fistulas in the anal canal may either be congenital or acquired.

In infants and children, congenital fistulas occur due to a combination of infections and bowel problems like intestinal perforation or peritonitis. They are not usually painful and it can lead to other complications. Acquired fistulas are usually caused due to malnutrition, surgery and trauma.

A fistula in the rectal canal is caused due to a variety of reasons. Some of them are bleeding in the anal area or swelling of the anus. Other times it can be caused due to a prolapsed intestinal sphincter. It may also be caused due to a congenital or acquired fistula.

If you have this problem you should go and see your doctor as soon as possible because bleeding in the anal area could signal a more serious problem. The most important thing is that you should try to reduce your stress level as much as possible. A well-controlled diet and regular exercise can help in relieving the pain and pressure in your anus.

There are many effective natural ways to deal with this problem. The first thing is to change your diet if you are suffering from this problem. A healthy diet is a must so make sure that you include plenty of fiber and liquids in your diet. Drinking lots of water and fresh fruits and vegetables helps a lot in relieving the pain.

There are colon cleansers available in the market that can do wonders for your anal condition. You can also take herbal supplements to increase the flow of blood to the anal area. or rectal canal. It helps to remove build up toxins in the colon that can cause hemorrhoids to develop.

It is also important to have a diet high in fruits, vegetables and fruits so that you can keep the skin elastic and supple. You need to avoid fats and oils because these can cause an accumulation of fat on the anal area. Eat foods that are rich in fiber and minerals that can help to increase the circulation in your anal area and rectum.