Estrellas Porno (The Smell Of Estrellas) By Carrie Lachance Desnuda – Book Review

“Camsoda: A True Story of an Una Plana” by Carrie Lachance Desnuda is the eighth novel in The series. Set in present times, we follow the exploits of Camilla Camsoda, a professional thief with a knack for finding things that other people would pay big bucks for… especially in the narcotic trade. A very young Camilla is hired by her Auntie Audrey to go to the bank with her mother. What starts as a routine robbery gone bad turns into a full day of debauchery as Audrey gets taken away and Camilla’s Uncle Rico joins the festivities. Things quickly go from bad to worse when their ship is wrecked off the coast of Mexico while they are trying to cross the Gulf of Mexico to find a cure for Camilla’s grandmother.

Escaping from the sinking vessel, Camilla and Rico devise a plan to steal a yacht belonging to a rich investor. They manage to do just that, but then face a major hurdle when the yacht’s valuable cargo is taken. This not only upsets the twins, who are left to fend for themselves, but also changes the face of Camilla and Rico. It leads them to embark on a journey around the world in order to locate the prize. In the meantime, Audrey is forced to deal with her own issues, which will ultimately have an impact on the book itself.

The novel begins in a place where you can hardly call it a state; it’s more like a frontier town with lots of poverty and drabness. The city is controlled by a crooked boss named Rufino, who owns several car dealerships. When two boys start falling off the school bus, the adults try to give them a lift. Unfortunately, their belts are too big and they fall through the open doors. The boys land hard on their heads and leave scarred. Their parents soon pay for their medical bills and are very upset that nobody helped.

Two days later, Joven and Rico find a body floating in the river. They quickly identify it as being that of a woman who has disappeared while walking her dog along the beach. There are no records of her having been swimming or walking along the beach, so they hurry to get help from the local police captain. A month later, Joven and Rico discover the body and immediately take it to the morgue, where they discover it to be that of Elma Joven, the young wife of Rufino. Her death certificate reveals that she was drowning from a broken neck, indicating that she had fallen and been dragged underwater by her own necklaces. Her necklace, along with her wedding ring, were missing.

Joven and Rico return to the site of the accident to tell Joanna of what happened and ask for forgiveness for their behavior that night. Later that evening, while Joanna is talking with her father, she sees a news report about a man who was found dead in his car. In the report, it is revealed that he had been beaten to death. Shortly thereafter, the entire staff of the funeral home is brutally murdered, their heads severed with large scissors.

Joven and Rico run to a nearby convenience store to meet up with Diego, who is the only other living member of the family. As they sit outside, Joanna sees her neighbor, Estrella, being attacked by several muggers. Diego manages to save her, but when she thanks him for saving her, he tells her that he didn’t really have anything better to do, because his car has broken down. Later that night, as she is walking through the woods with her father, she encounters a hooded figure who attacks her, demanding that she give him money. She does, but the assailant then kidnaps Joanna.