Learn About Big Ass Anal Sex

You have to admit, I am quite fond of anal sex. And the last time I had an anal sex experience, I came out with a big ass that I thought would be the only thing that I could do. This is when I was not sure about anal sex and what it would do for me. But then again, I’m no expert on anal sex and it may not be for you. That’s OK, because the more you know about anal sex the better you will be able to make decisions.

Anal sex can be done on men and women but if you want to have the best anal sex experience, you need to start by choosing your partner carefully. Remember that you don’t want to be doing anal sex with someone who is only interested in anal sex or anal stimulation. You also need to know if they have had anal sex before or if it will happen with them. You do not want to go into the experience thinking that anal sex is only for those people who are looking for a sexual outlet or those who can just do anything with their anus and not care if they get hurt.

If you are going to do anal sex with someone who has had anal sex before, then make sure that you give him or her a little foreplay. You need to let him or her know that there is a new person entering the bedroom so that he or she can adjust to the new person. Also, you need to know what types of things that they prefer. If the anal sex that they have had before involved a lot of spanking, then you might want to change the way that you do things so that it doesn’t hurt your butt and you can enjoy the experience a little bit better.

If you decide to use anal toys, then it is important that you do some research and see which one you like and that is the one that you can stick in your anus with ease. If you aren’t ready for anal toys, then there are a few things you can do that can give you some much needed pleasure while in bed. For example, you can use a lubricant to make your anus a little more slippery so that you won’t have to worry about the toys getting stuck.

It can be pretty embarrassing if you come out of the bedroom with a little red mark or even worse, a sore anus from anal sex. To protect yourself from this, always wear gloves when you do anal sex. or use condoms and always clean up right after you are through. This is because if you don’t wear gloves and don’t wash up right after, you might end up with a big black stain on your but this isn’t something that you can live with so be careful.

If anal sex doesn’t work for you, then you can always try something else. Try out some different things with your partner and you might be pleasantly surprised by what you find out. So the next time that you get intimate with your partner, don’t hesitate to ask them if you can do something a little bit different or you might just find out that it makes you feel more comfortable doing things in that area. Either way, you will be glad that you have learned all about anal sex and you will feel like a new person when you get back into the bedroom.