The Real Estate Industry is Riled Up About New Album by Alvaro Fizz

The band that brought us Tegan & Tilly was Alvaro Favre. During the early 90s, this Montreal band made waves in the music industry. They were one of the first groups to try new, alternative music styles. They were pioneers in bringing back alternative rock like pop, into the mainstream. While their original songs have been covered countless times, “Your Pussy Is Mine” remains their most popular song.

In the opening seconds, the music is already piercing and loud. Just listen to it and you can tell that it’s an instant hit. Just imagine how loud this song is and just how lucky everyone is to be able to hear it at that volume. In a video, Favre dances his heart out while singing about how women are his tools. Just imagine the look on someone’s face when he hits that high note! It’s no wonder “Your Pussy Is Mine” became one of the biggest pop songs of all time!

Throughout the song, we hear a variety of backgrounds. We have background guitars, chanting, synthesizers and even an orchestra. The lyrics are catchy and funny all at the same time. You can’t help but smile while listening to it. In fact, at several points during the song you can almost feel the emotions being sung through the lyrics. It brings joy and happiness as well as some sad and angry moments.

Throughout the video, we see Alvaro Fizz again is singing along with the band. He then throws some crazy taunts at the audience. He gets on stage and starts doing his dance moves. It’s a fun dance move that gets everyone excited.

During the video, Alvaro Fizz wears a shirt that says, “What’s mine is mine”. This may seem a little too adult for some, but it’s simply a way of promoting self-awareness. Self-awareness is always good. Just think of yourself, how you feel and what you want out of life.

After watching the video, I was very curious about what Alvaro Fizz was up to. I couldn’t wait to find out more about him. I’m glad that I did. He seems like a genuinely nice guy.

I like his music. His voice is deep and rich and not repetitive like so many other rap artists. His songs are intelligent and have real lyrics. At least, I haven’t noticed any offensive lyrics.

Overall, this is a great album and Alvaro Fizz has definitely won me over as an artist. His new songs are impressive and have a great flow. They will keep you listening through his next album because they keep you thinking. Great job Alvaro, I’ll be looking forward to more. As he sings in the song, “Take me away, take me home…”